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Liz Sussan, 200-hr certified under Rolf Gates

Liz teaches a Vinyasa class designed for all levels, and especially geared toward the needs of Richmond BJJ Academy’s Muay Thai and BJJ students. No class is ever the same as the ones before it, but the classes are taught in a way for the beginner and experienced student to learn, feel challenged, and find joy in the expression of the poses.


Vinyasa Yoga links movement to breath. Vinyasa is also known as flow yoga because of its smooth flow from pose to pose. This dynamic flow may be guided by moving into one pose with an inhale, then moving into the next with an exhale. Some poses may be held for a determined number of breaths. This linking of poses from one to the next is sequenced purposefully as a full-body warm up and then deeper opening of the lines of the body. The term Vinyasa itself can also refer to a variation of Sun Salutations and the portion of the flow from plank, Chaturanga, to Upward Facing Dog, and then Downward Facing Dog. This “vinyasa” sequence of poses is referenced often in a class.


Yoga offers the benefits of flexibility, increased core strength, improved balance / stability / base. Students of yoga also develop improved breath control, increased breath capacity, increased body awareness, and improved posture. Yoga can help students to access the strength, stability, and flexibility needed to excel in Muay Thai and BJJ, but also improve overall health and vitality, and even rehabilitate injuries.


Liz often styles her classes to meet the needs of Muay Thai and BJJ students. Classes are geared toward increasing flexibility, core strength, joint stability, hip opening, leg flexibility and breath control. She teaches in a way that introduces the beginner to fundamental poses while offering adaptations to experienced students.

Liz received her 200-hour certification in 2012 under Rolf Gates, a leading voice of modern yoga and author of “Meditations from the Mat”, a book on yogic philosophy.

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