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Technique of the Month

May 2015: Lasso Guard Sweeps

April 2015: Lasso Guard Sweeps

February 2015: Knee on Belly Arm Attacks

January 2015: Kimura w/ Hillary Williams

December 2014: Knee Slide Pass to Armlock

November 2014: Alternate Omoplata Finishes

October 2014: Armlocks from the Kesa Gatame

September 2014: Recovering Closed Guard from Half Guard

August 2014: Knee on Belly Escape

July 2014: Belly Down Escape Counters

June 2014: X-Pass to Back Take

April 2014: Moving to Mount from Side Control

March 2014: Arm Drag from Closed Guard to Collar Choke

February 2014: Sprawling Half-Guard Pass to Mount

January 2014: Modified Scissor Sweep

December 2013: Omoplata from Lasso Guard

November 2013: Half-Guard Back Take

October 2013: North-South Kimura Submissions

September 2013: Submissions from North-South

August 2013: De La Riva Guard Back Take

July 2013: De La Riva Sweep to Ezekiel Choke

June 2013: Top Half Guard Chokes & Back Take

May 2013: Omoplata Back Take

April 2013: Open Guard Passing

March 2013: Open Guard Sweep Combination

February 2013: Taking the Back from the Closed Guard

January 2013 BONUS: Closed Guard Sweep to Armlock, Triangle, or Omoplata

January 2013: Loop Choke/Sweep from Butterfly

December 2012: Bottom Side Control Submission & Escape

November 2012: Knee on Belly Attacks

October 2012: Spider Guard Submissions

September 2012: Rear Mount Double Attack

August 2012: De la Riva Pass to Crucifix Control to Reverse Omoplata

July 2012: Single & Double Leg Takedowns with Julio Fernandez

June 2012: Half-Guard Submissions

May 2012: Rear Mount Escape

April 2012: Mount Escape to Half-Guard Back Take

March 2012: Omoplata Attacks

February 2012: Collar Chokes from the Rear Mount

January 2012: Counters to Armbar Defense

Tour The Academy!

RBJJ WKA Highlight Reel from Richmond BJJ Academy

Julio “Foca” Fernandez shows a butterfly sweep to a kneebar/toe hold attack

Julio “Foca” Fernandez shows a double-unders stacking pass counter to armlock/triangle submission

Rodrigo Medeiros shows a 1/2 Guard Pass to Baseball Choke from Knee on Belly

Julio “Foca” Fernandez shows Ezekiel Choke and Single Wing Choke attacks from Turtle position

Scissor Sweep from the Guard from Richmond BJJ Academy

Richmond BJJ Academy Head Instructor Eric Burdo in a Submission-Only BJJ Match against Rudy Fischmann

Richmond BJJ Academy Head Instructor Eric Burdo competing against Dennis Hayes at the Pendergrass Tournament in NC in 2007

Scott Eckert’s Fight Video – 2009

Master Toco at Nova Geracao in Leblon, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Hannette Staack and Andre “Negao” at Manimal Academy in Tijuca, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Felipe Costa in Tijuca, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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