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“I have visited Richmond BJJ multiple times since 2002 to train with Eric and his students. I always leave wanting to come back. Not only is the instruction technical and precise, but the atmosphere is fun, friendly, and conducive to learning. The instructors are very student focused while the students are great teammates. I have visited, trained, and taught at several academies over the years and I can honestly say that Richmond BJJ is one of the best.”

– Aaron Lapointe, Carlson Gracie Black Belt, Clinical Psychologist

“I started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Richmond BJJ in January 2007. At the time I was trying to get back into shape, and was getting very bored with the whole gym routine (treadmill and weights). All my friends now had different schedules, and I realized the days were over when I could call up a bunch of friends to easily get a game together (basketball, tennis, soccer, football, baseball). I was actually having trouble staying in shape because of how bored I was with my current exercise routine.

I was also looking for another hobby to occupy my time, and I was always interested in learning some form of realistic self-defense.

I looked at a couple other BJJ facilities, but found my home at Richmond BJJ. Everyone is very laid back and friendly here. The instruction is top notch. Eric meticulously explains both the how and the why of every move/position/defense/submission…which is very important in the learning process.

I wanted to try BJJ for years before I actually did. I must admit, I was a little intimidated at the idea of walking into a new place, with a bunch of people that could easily kick my butt….but after I did, I wished I would have never hesitated. If you go in with a humble and open mind, and leave your ego at the door, you will be surprised at how much you will learn, and how many new friends you will make…and being confident that you can defend yourself will never hurt your outlook or attitude in life.

If you are thinking about it, my suggestion is to just come in and try. The more you train, the easier it gets.”

– Seth Eastman

“Richmond BJJ offers superb instruction in self-defense and sport BJJ. I’ve never seen a more comprehensive program for beginners, and I have seen a LOT of gyms over the years! As an instructor myself, I greatly value Eric Burdo’s attention to detail. The whole crew is there to help the students become as good as they can be.”

-Andrew Smith, BJJ Black Belt

“I started training at Richmond BJJ in May of 2008. At the time I was 25 pounds overweight and looking for a new and exciting way to get back into shape. I tried a few schools in the Richmond area but was really drawn to Richmond BJJ. One of the big differentiators for me was the instructors. The instructors in both the Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai classes are top notch with a pedigree from some of the best practitioners in the world. They take the time to explain the positions and the fine details that make them work. You can tell they are personally interested in making you the best you can be, and holding you to the same commitment.

The training for me has been almost addictive and the schedule is flexible enough to allow me to make it in despite a busy career and family life. Personally I have dropped the extra weight, developed great stamina and skills and made a ton of really great friends. Looking forward to learning for many years to come.”

– Jeff Hause

“I have been a student at Richmond BJJ since November 2006. I first started training Muay Thai and chose Richmond BJJ because they offer one on one introductory classes that helped me get acquainted with the basics of Muay Thai. I have stayed with their Muay Thai program because of the individualized attention offered by their Muay Thai instructors Eric Burdo, Acie Bryan, Jarrett Church, and Scott Eckert and the amazing students who train at the academy.

In 2007 I began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Eric Burdo at Richmond BJJ, initially for self defense and now I train BJj for sport. Eric offers fundamental classes for the beginner BJJ practitioner which establishes a solid foundation for learning BJJ and also offers competition training to allow the students to focus on their competition strategy – which are currently my favorite classes.

Eric brings in amazing talent from all over the world for instructional seminars such as Julio Fernandez, Hannette Stack, and is currently offering a seminar at the end of July with Arthur Ruff. Beyond the special guests Eric brings in, he opens the academy to allow for other local BJJ black belts to teach his students and has Andrew Smith or Jarrett Church leading instruction, which provides opportunity to learn from a team of instructors on a regular basis. I also appreciate that I am able to drop in at our affiliate school Revolution BJJ for training by Andrew Smith and Trey Martin.

Beyond the great instructors in both Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu the people who train at Richmond BJJ are amazing and evoke camaraderie and teamwork every day in a safe environment. It is a great place to be.”

-Cecily Garcia

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