Posted on June 19, 2013

UNITED Patch to Benefit Network for Victim Recovery of DC

Since February, there has been a huge effort to show support for survivors of sexual and domestic assault, and in particular, the survivor of the brutal NYE attack.  Out of a collaborative effort came United, a patch project designed to unite our BJJ community and make a public statement that we will not tolerate BJJ being used to abuse or attack people. BJJ’s primary use should be for self-defense.  We strongly believe that BJJ has the ability to empower people, not victimize them, and want to support everyone’s journey of empowerment and learning.

To make a statement that you stand against abuse, we encourage you to place a United patch on your Gi or No-Gi gear.  Grapplers around the world are displaying these patches as a display of solidarity.   Let’s show how we’re UNITED against rape and abuse by wearing these patches on our Gis!


There are 2 patch sizes:
The large size is 11″x4″ and is $12.
The small size is 6″x3″ and is $10.

We also have 8″x3.5″ stickers available for $2.

All profit is going to be donated to Network for Victim Recovery of DC (NVRDC), the organization which has been helping the survivor of the NYE attack with counseling and court support.  Previous to NVRDC being involved, United raised over $1200 from patch sales for RAINN, the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network.  We estimate that at least 80% from each patch purchase price will be donated, with the only costs being shipping and packaging.

Big thanks to IngenuiTek LLC for the design work,  and a huge shout out to Da Firma Kimono Company & NHB Gear for donating the patches themselves.   These companies continue to amaze us with their kindness and generosity!

To order, go to  and click on the United logo on the right-hand side   OR   Email


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