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If you’re new to Muay Thai, you’ll start in our Level 1 program which is geared toward beginners.


Muay Thai Kickboxing, or Thai Boxing as it is known in the United States, is the national sport of Thailand, and has a long and rich history in Thai culture. Muay Thai is extremely popular throughout the world, and is recognized as an extremely effective form of hand-to-hand combat.

Practitioners of Muay Thai Kickboxing use punches, kicks, knees, elbows, clinch-work and throws to inflict damage and knock out their opponents.

Muay Thai is also one of the quickest ways to get in shape, as workouts develop cardio, speed, strength, agility, power, and overall coordination. Most of all, Muay Thai is fun to learn! Training consists of developing techniques, and practicing combinations of strikes and defenses on pads. In time, students who wish to will get the option to take their training to the next level though sparring in a safe and controlled environment with other training partners, using headgear, shinpads, mouthpieces, and gloves.

Richmond BJJ Academy’s Muay Thai program was started in the spring of 2002, and has produced many champions both inside and outside of the ring. Head Muay Thai Instructor Eric Burdo, along with Instructor Jarrett Church & Assistant Instructor Brian Rule work hard every day to give every student the best technical instruction, along with a challenging workout. Our Instructors strive to show the best qualities of good instruction: patience, support, and great attention to detail. Whether you are looking for self-defense training, to get into great shape, or to become a Muay Thai fighter, we are here to help you achieve your personal training goals!

With a top-notch, comprehensive Beginners Program, you will learn true Muay Thai in the safest and most efficient manner possible! Richmond BJJ Academy prides itself on taking the complete beginner, and helping him or her grow into a Champion!


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